Saturday, 10 December 2011

Quilt Inspiration

my unfinished quilt

My mind has turned back to quilting lately. My quilt, that I started so long ago, still sits patiently waiting to be finished. I almost wonder if I have left it too long too pick up again, but I know I must finish it. Not least of all because I have promised it to a certain little person in my life. 

So many lovely new fabrics have come in since starting it that I would love to use. In particular I am desperate to make a quilt from these flannels as I have some new ones on the way. There is a danger I will start my next quilt before finishing this one.

I have also been wasting a lot bit of time obsessing over researching other people's quilts on Pinterest. How cute is this fox?

I've always struggled a bit with putting colours together. I was really lucky at school that in art we did a lot of textiles, in particular  lino-cutting and batik. I used to adore those lessons. I loved creating the pattern design, cutting out the lino, printing, dying the fabric, painting on the wax and ultimately ironing it all off again. I felt like it was a badge of honour having multicoloured hands dyed by the ink.

But the bit I always struggled with was putting different colours together and I remember going back to the teacher each time and asking her what colour to dye next. So I do marvel at these quilts which effortlessly put together a host of colours (although I appreciate that people probably wouldn't pin less successful quilts on Pinterest).

hand quilting

I also love the idea of hand quilting, and would like to use it in my current or next quilt.

And I think my next quilt will have to include some triangles, I love this simplicity of these quilts.

Although I probably wouldn't use one to replace the windows in my house, I think it may contravene local planning regulations.

One quilt that I keep coming back to is this one, it appears so unstructured which I love. But I wonder if it really has been thrown together. I don't think it would work in flannel, so maybe I can make it quilt number 3? Once I have got round to finishing 1 and 2 first of course.

 I love thee, quilt

And lastly, the in-another-league-of-awesomeness-quilt by Katy, I can't believe that it actually exists, but look here it is, casually strewn on an actual fence in the actual outdoors. What if it went near some mud? makes me feel a bit panicky just thinking about it.



  1. You must go and visit Jeni who blogs here: she writes really helpful posts on colour and 'the art of choosing', I've found them really helpful...have fun!

  2. I am going to steal Ms Jones' quilt if she doesn't bring it inside soon! It's stunning!