Thursday, 22 December 2011

Under the Christmas Tree...

Under our Christmas tree: presents and a cat sleeping on a bed not intended for her. We have a new arrival expected after Christmas, who was the intended recipient of this bed lovingly made from an old duvet and some Ikea fabric. However (and I think I knew this would happen) our cat has claimed it as her own, so I shall be making another one shortly, I am powerless to deny her. Especially as the new arrival will rock her world.

We are all feeling a bit screamy with excitement about the new arrival and I don't want to say too much for fear of jinxing it, but here is a hint: she also has 4 paws, but floppy ears.

I hope your Christmas preparations are going swimmingly, and as I'm not sure when I will next get the chance to blog, I wish you a happy, happy Christmas full of love, food, presents and maybe a little snoozing on the sofa. (That's what I have wished for anyway).



  1. Good luck with the snoozing! Enjoy x

  2. Hi Kate

    I hope you all enjoy the new pup, have a wonderful Christmas, love Becky xx

  3. How exciting! Our four legged, floppy ear friend needs a new bed but I'm waiting until he stops chewing the corners of his current bed, maybe he's trying to tell me something. Hope you get your Christmas wishes, best wishes for 2012 to everyone