Saturday, 17 December 2011

A collection of craft

Here's a collection of Christmas craft you might like to try over the holidays. First up is my latest post for the Boden blog on how to make a Christmas wreath. This was great fun, I made it using Lotta Jansdotter fabric and some felt flowers.

I also want to make a festive version of this paper garland (again from Boden) to hang around our tree using some plain silver card.

I found these brilliant cut and and colour nativity figures via Jessica Jones' How About Orange blog. You may recognise the name, Jessica is the designer behind the popular Outside Oslo collection. Her blog is a great resource for craft, design, all sorts of brilliant stuff, well worth following. You can print up a colour version or a black and white one for colouring in, which is what I did. Both my kids loved playing with these and did raise a few smiles from me when they were re-inacting the story. Made trickier by the fact my perfectionist daughter decided her first Mary wasn't coloured in well enough, leaving her with 2 Marys in her nativity scene.

Another paper garland, and again from How About Orange, how cool are these woven balls? I really want to make these.

Last Christmas (and I feel a little sad to think that this time last year we were stuck in because of the snow) we were gripped by making paper snowflakes. If you want templates for normal snowflakes, have a look at here.

I've been meaning to make these decorations from the Poppy Talk blog since before last Christmas and we finally got round to it a few weeks back. 

Fimo (a modelling clay that you can harden in the oven) is pretty expensive, but as you roll it quite thin, you can a lot of decorations from a block. We used pearlised and glitter Fimo and then pushed stamps into them before baking them. Very easy and fun.

And finally, how amazing are these decorations made from old lightbulbs from Anna Maria Horner's blog?

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  1. I started making your lovely snow flakes last year, and they finally made it to completion last week! They're now hanging in our window and look great. You can see them here if you like
    merry christmas!